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Running Across the Line_HappinessGET HAPPY!

Q: How important is physical activity when it comes to your happiness?

A: Very. Moderate physical activity – walking three times a week – has been shown to improve your mood and increases your energy and motivation.

Q: How can doing something for others, such as participating in an event and raising funds for a good cause, improve your own happiness?

A: We know from research that acts of kindness, such as charity work, or volunteering makes you feel generous, capable, and connected to others. Doing something for others satisfies all three components of lasting happiness – connection to other people, having a sense of purpose of meaning, and pleasure.

Having a goal or vision for the future is essential for happiness, having a sense of purpose is one of the key elements to being happy. It keeps you focused on something positive, rather than getting distracted with what’s wrong with you or your life. Achieving each step of the goal also makes us feel good about ourselves and increases our confidence and self-esteem.


And finally, what are five things that we all can do today to be happier?

1. Do things you love just for the sheer pleasure. Happiness lives in savouring the little moments.

2. Get moving – do some physical activity on a regular basis that you enjoy.

3. Laugh more – it releases serotonin – the feel good chemical into your system.

4. Surround yourself with happy or positive people – happiness is contagious.

5. Find a way to contribute to the world that is meaningful to you.